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Common Effects Of E Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have become very common and popular in many parts of not only the US, but also around the world – especially with the option of discounts through e cig coupon codes. The origin of these cigarettes can be traced to China, as recently as 2005. In the US, the use of cigarettes is blamed for causing or being responsible for around 90% of all lung cancer infections, according to the report published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This is because of the addiction cigarette smokers have for nicotine, which is just as bad as heroin and cocaine. It is the tar on tobacco cigarettes, which is blamed for lung cancer.

The same tar in tobacco-based cigarettes is blamed for emphysema, while the carbon monoxide causes cardiovascular diseases. All these effects are mentioned when talking about regular cigarettes, which have been the subject of numerous scientific tests and research. As for e-cigarettes, there is not much to go with in terms of results from tests and research. However, the feeling is that they are a much safer product compared with the traditional cigarettes. It is true that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, but they lack in tobacco, which has various harmful chemicals.

When smoking e-cigarettes as shown at KLKS – electronic cigarette reviews, you are likely to experience more difficulties in inhalation compared to traditional cigarettes. You require more suction if you are to inhale the nicotine found in e-cigarettes, than you would normally do with regard to the traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. What this means is that you would need more puffs out of the e-cigarettes, if you are to get the same amount of nicotine you need to satisfy your craving, than you would normally acquire from the usual cigarettes. In short, smoking e-cigarettes appears to be more strenuous than normal.

Some aspect of research has also proven one thing; that it is harder to get nicotine from the e-cigarettes. The conclusion of this research appeared to point out that you were just as likely to get the same amount of nicotine by puffing an unlit regular cigarette, as you would get from smoking an e-cigarette. The conclusion to this research came about after thorough comparison was done to check levels of nicotine and the heart rates of smokers who inhaled tobacco-based cigarettes, with those who had puffed on electronic cigarettes. It’s recommended you get an electronic cigarette starter kit @ Frye Art for the best deal. If you are into the EverSmoke brand, we found a great coupon¬†that you can use.

The FDA, in collaboration with other health bodies, made a statement in 2009, to the effect that manufacturers of e-cigarettes were yet to show that their products are as safe as they would like people to believe, same goes for the vapor pen. According to the FDA and other health agencies, electronic cigarettes contain a number of harmful substances. However, this has not prevented manufacturers of the e-cigarettes to continue marketing them through various for a, depicting them as safe alternatives and cool compared to traditional cigarettes. The target of the marketing campaigns is the youth.

The youth continue to partake of e-cigarettes despite the lack of proper information on their safety. This increased usage of electronic cigarettes by the youth, is one of the factors behind the decision by the federal government to safeguard public health. If the youth are left to continue with their huge demand for e-cigarettes, this could soon become another heavy burden on public health, and the economy at large. Cigarette smoking remains the number one cause of premature deaths in the United State, despite being preventable.

Although there could be some truth to the fact that e-cigarettes are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes, at the moment, nothing has been proven. Nothing is currently as controversial as any discussion regarding electronic cigarettes. There are people who believe that these products are the best in reducing cases of lung cancer and other diseases that are a direct result of inhaling smoke from tobacco cigarettes. However, just as intense as those who believe in the wonderful effects of these products there are many others with a contrary opinion about them. With all this said, if you enjoy the Cigavette brand, you can make sure to implement the Cigavette coupon code that we found.

It is only after thorough research from reputable institutions and government agencies, that there could be some uniform conclusion about the real effects of e-cigarettes on health and the economy as a whole. The marketing campaigns seem targeted more at the youth, and if the government is to convince the youth otherwise, it needs to embark on similarly aggressive campaigns.